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The Buying Process

Selecting a Realtor®

Selecting a Realtor who can meet your needs is the first and most important step when selling property. You'll need to be an informed seller. At Bay Market Real Estate, we'got a full team of professionals ready to help.

"Besides having the experience and skills to effectively market and negotiate the sale of your property, we strive and take the time to stay educated and up to date on all aspects of real estate in Southern New England. In turn this provides you, our client, with real estate transactions that run smoothly, equitably and lucratively, making us one of the most respected, top producing group of Realtors in the Southcoast Region."       --- Barbara Monize, Bay Market Real Estate

Viewing a Home


Can You Offer Advice on Preparing My House for Sale?

Yes, we know what sells.  Your Bay Market Agent will be happy to offer advice on what buyers will be looking for.

What Can I Do To Prepare My Home For Open House?

After living in a home for a long period of time, sometimes there are details that are overlooked.

You do not realize something looks messy, worn, or out of style. It's a good idea to prep your home 

for potential buyers with small changes such as:

1) DeClutter knick knacks and place papers inside the end table instead of on top.

2) Paint the front door, sweep off the threshold and buy a new welcome mat.

3) Clear the kitchen countertops.  The mixer, dish drying rack and bucket with spoons and gadgets makes the kitchen look smaller.

4) Curb Appeal is important, clean up. Even just raking leaves out of the corners, deadheading flowers, trimming, shape up overgrown plants will help.

5) Check for animal odors or stale smells. Consider an afternoon to open all the windows for a few hours and have the breeze blow through.

How Can I Find Out What My House Is Worth?

Bay Market offers FREE MARKET ANALYSIS to find out what your property is worth. Call (508) 679-1090

Is My House Up to Code?

Our agents are well versed in Massachusetts & Rhode Island building codes and will able to answer your questions on topics such as electrical fuses vs breakers, lead paint, siding & roofing materials.

What's the difference between a Real Estate Agent, a Realtor and a Broker?

A Real Estate Agent is someone who is licensed to help people buy and sell commercial or residential property.
They must be employed by a Broker. A real estate agent can also be a REALTOR®, which means they are a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and bound by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.  Brokers are generally required to have more education and experience than real estate salespersons or agents. 

We're Here For You. (508) 679-1090

Whether it's time to sell now, or you are just thinking about it and have questions first,
Bay Market Real Estate is ready to get you the answers you need. Give us a call or stop by the office
conveniently located at 1044 Grand Army Hwy, Swansea, MA 02777.  See You Soon!

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